WHY STORE WITH Legendary Exotics

You need more space for your toys hobby.  Legendary has you covered…literally. Our secure, climate controlled space allows us to look after your prized possession while you are not using it.  After all, you wouldn’t want your baby to feel neglected, would you?

Once only available to private collectors with tremendous resources: the perfect home for your important automobiles. The perfect resort-like repository for enthusiasts to store their prized auto treasures. An entire menu of mechanical, detailing and maintenance services is available, as well as pickup and delivery by flatbed.

As an added bonus, you can schedule repairs and maintenance while your car is being stored, relieving you of all scheduling burdens.  Let your car get the attention it needs on our time.  Cap it off with a nice detail before pickup…classic & exotic car ownership has never been so easy.

At Legendary Exotics, we pride ourselves on being a full service shop dedicated to serving owners who like to drive and enjoy their cars.  To that end, we provide a host of services in order to allow our customers to maximize their road time.  After all, it’s not fun to stress over a beautiful car that is not living up to your expectations.

Don’t see something you need, call us and we’ll see how we or our network of partners can make your ownership easier.

Things to consider

Climate controlled indoor space
24/7 Security system Fully Insured
Mechanical staff to repair problems in the off season
Discounts for multiple vehicles
In and out service available
Vehicle pickup & delivery provided
Detail department can have your car looking its best upon pickup
Fully backed by our dedicated support team

24/7 security. Video monitoring on both the interior and exterior of the complex. High visibility to the Legendary Exotics staff. Gated and security guard monitored. All designed to keep your car where you left it … in good hands.

Sure, you could put it into a storage unit, but why not leave it with people who love classic cars and know how to take care of them properly. Wouldn’t you rather have an expert take it out of storage in case something went wrong while it sat. More importantly, our team has the knowledge to minimize those possibilities in the first place.

Need an inspection or maybe a detailing before taking it home? Perhaps it’s time to finally get that nagging squeak checked. Whatever your needs, storing with LE allows you to schedule maintenance and upgrades on our time, not yours.

Whether storing for the winter or year-round, we’re here for you. Our optional in and out programs allow you to customize your storage experience to your needs. Contact us to see how we can make it easy for you.

Can’t wait to get started? Give us a call 844.396.8421