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Looking for a unique way to leave a lasting impression? Legendary Exotics has run unforgettable private drives, promotions, corporate and group events since we have opened.

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Private Drives

Private drives are able to be scheduled outside of our public drive calendar for groups of 4-5 drivers (8-10 with passenger).


  • Group of friends or family members to celebrate a special occasion or for no reason at all
  • Bachelor / Bachelorette outing
  • Reward your top sales earners or employees


If interested, click here for pricing and available dates / times.


Corporate Events

We provide custom tailored corporate events for groups under 25 and can provide quotes for both onsite or offsite options.  Past corporate events have included:


  • Booking a private drive for the top earners on a sales team
  • Team building outing
  • Onsite meeting with participants partaking in a driving experience (Catering options are available)
  • Bringing the driving experience to the corporate location to treat clients


For more information and to discuss options, please contact us at 844-396-8421.  Once we gather details and requirements, a formal quote will be provided.

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