This intimate exotic car driving experience is a journey along the Delaware river into the winding roads of rural Pennsylvania. You’ll get to experience all the cars on the tour as we stop at designated areas roughly every 30 minutes and you rotate into your next exotic.  Book a single spot on one of our scheduled tours OR if you have a group of friends book a Private Tour and select from available dates!

Slide behind the wheel and share your partner’s growing excitement as throttles flinch and you depart in style as the tour begins with a spirited ride down 295 and through the route 29 tunnel. Cruising over the Delaware River toward Washington Crossing Park, experience the twist and turns snaking along the Delaware as people fumble to take a picture of you or point as you scream by. Soon we will be enjoying the dense wooded areas of the state of Pennsylvania, cruising along winding country roads and driving through one of the areas historic covered bridges. We will end the day with another roar through the route 29 tunnel so if you missed it the first time, be sure to roll those windows down and listen to that sweet engine song. With a breath-taking stable of supercars, experience a spirited drive with the team from Legendary Exotics. Discover a driving experience which will leave a lasting memory for you and a loved one. Few experiences come close. So book today, or buy a gift card for a loved one.  We look forward to seeing you.