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iLIFT Suspension Lift System

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The iLIFT® system is the most advanced and robust suspension lift system on the market, with the unique capability to operate automatically, without the need for a driver to press a button to raise their vehicle. By rapidly raising the vehicle manually or automatically, the lift system eliminates vehicle damage from scrapes on speed bumps, steep driveways, or from other road obstacles. Raising the vehicle also results in increase passenger mobility by allowing the driver and passenger to more easily enter and exit low vehicles.

The iLIFT Intelligent Suspension Lift System is unlike any suspension lift system on the market with these unique features:

  • Patented actuator & seal technology allows highly efficient miniaturized components. Compact installation means no wasted trunk or cabin space.
  • Available automated suspension lifting with patented sensor technology.
  • Intelligent ECU including unique wireless configuration.
  • High quality, OEM-grade components.

The iLIFT system for 2017-on NSX may be used with factory ride-height vehicles - or vehicles that are lowered. Kit includes top and bottom spring mounts which allows the user to select between factory ride height or 10 or 20mm lowering when the system is installed.


  • Eliminates vehicle damage from scraping on speed bumps, steep driveways, or other road obstacles.
  • Superior performance: Can raise vehicle approximately 2" in less than 2 seconds.
  • Factory shock absorber preserved: Maintains the high performance and chassis integration of existing factory magnetic shock absorber system. System includes adjustable lower mounts - set ride height to factory ride height or lower by 12 or 24mm.
  • Passenger mobility: Enhances passenger mobility by making it easier to enter and exit from low vehicles.
  • Intelligent: Using patented sensor technology, iLIFT is the only fully automatic (optional feature) suspension lift system of its kind.
  • No switch needed: Using patented technology, the factory cruise control switch can be used to raise or lower the vehicle.
  • Compact & efficient: highly efficient actuators with patented seal technology mean compact and quick reacting components. Components are mounted in front bonnet area with reservoirs placed in rear quarter panel cavity.
  • High-quality OEM-grade components: Includes high-quality OEM-grade components like OEM German-made compressor.
  • Easy to use & install: Installation is made easy by using factory mounting locations - no giving up valuable cabin or trunk space!

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