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Drive an exotic without the hassle of ownership.

Owning cars like these is a hefty commitment and like most of us you spend a majority of your time working and not enough time driving for pleasure. Or if you are driving its in traffic to and from the office. We take the guesswork out of exotic car ownership by relieving you of the repairs, maintenance, and cares associated with a owning a high end super car...Like the car payment!

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Operations Overview

*Each cars stats are available on the Our Cars section of the site as well as rate cards, mileage allowance, and overage fees.

Most of these cars have a cockpit that rivals the complexity of launching a space shuttle and there is nothing more embarrassing then pulling in to fuel up and not knowing how to pop the fuel lid. You are walked through how the car operates, *expectations, and everything to make you comfortable driving an exotic. Each car is different so we provide a cheat sheet for you to take with you and you can always call us with questions. The only silly questions are the ones you don't ask.

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We own and maintain our own cars. Before one of our cars is rented it goes through our 172 point service checklist. This is the same system we use to assess the car when it is returned. Our goal is to provide you with a premiere service with top rate vehicles. Genuine replacement parts, highest quality fluids and each car is detailed to perfection.

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A little about us.

Located in Robbinsville NJ we are strategically positioned to act as a central hub for the tri-state area. Not too far north, not to far south and reasonably placed between NYC, Philly, and down the shore. Whether you are near by or need an exotic delivered we can accommodate you.

If you are looking for a night out on the town, a weekend ride, or an extended trip. Treat yourself to an exotic car.