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Scenic Drives

A 3 hour scenic tour in exotic cars, a Legendary scenic tour is the best way to enjoy a long ride while sampling the worlds most notable exotics. A Perfect gift for a loved one who has a passion for driving or an interest in exotic cars. Maybe you want to share a special day with mom or dad? Minimum age to drive is 18 years old.

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Bring a passenger with you and they ride free. You can even have them drive a leg or two if you like. We can also book weekday or private weekends you. Don't miss out!

Safety First.

Most of these cars have a cockpit that rivals the complexity of the space shuttle and there is nothing more embarrassing then pulling in to fuel up and not knowing how to pop the fuel lid. So let us walk you through it and take the edge off. Before we depart you will have a thorough overview of each vehicle. Your guide explain conduct and how to handle emergency situations.

To the Starting Line

It's time to get our ducks in a row. Get strapped in to your first exotic and prepare for the ride of your life. Each car will be equipped with a com system for inter-car communications. We will keep pace with the lead car driven by our professional guide.

Get your drive on...

Did you know New Jersey is often photographed or a choice location for movies? The area provides some of the best views. (Rivers, covered bridges, foliage) Cruise some of the most scenic roads in the area. We are always planning out new locations to drive along the Delaware River, New Hope Pennsylvania, along the Coast...

You won't be disappointed. How can you be...


Hot Swap

Why drive just one? With Legendary Scenic Tours you get to drive multiple! You will pull off to a designated swap area on our tour and change your ride. By the end of our trip you will be able to determine which kind of advocate your are...Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: Scenic Tours are subject to change based on but not limited to the following: client turnout, vehicle availability, road conditions, extreme weather conditions & unforeseen circumstances. Changes are at the sole discretion of Legendary Exotics staff.

An Unforgettable Experience

Why spend the day talking about what chores you have to do when you can share a memorable experience like this? If you are a car guy or gal and want to share an experience with your significant other, this is your ticket.

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